Laboratory Services

Lab microscopeThe Lab at North Kansas City Hospital is nationally accredited by The College of American Pathologists. Our lab performs a wide range of inpatient and outpatient services to aid in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease and health conditions. We test biological specimens including blood, urine, feces, tissue and bodily fluids so healthcare professional can make more accurate diagnoses. 

We are committed to our patients through quick turnaround times and high behavior expectations.

Test Directory

The Lab offers a test directory website with several resources on how to collect and transport a variety of specimen(s).

School of Medical Laboratory Science

Boasting a 98% pass rate on the Board of Certification Exam, our School of Medical Laboratory Science has educated over 270 Laboratory professionals for over 50 years.


Phlebotomy - We draw blood or collect other specimen samples for a wide range of tests.

Microbiology -  We test for viruses and look under the microscope for bacteria, parasites or fungus to help determine the best treatment.

Hematology - We analyze blood to check blood counts and detect a wide range of disorders, including anemia, infection and leukemia.

Coagulation - We test the blood to measure a patient's ability to clot and the time it takes, which is helpful in monitoring people on medications such as Coumadin or Warfarin.

Chemistry - Testing for chemicals, hormones or drugs in the blood helps identify cholesterol levels and pregnancy status as well as detects enzymes used to monitor heart attacks.

Transfusion - We check compatibility between blood donors and recipients as well as test for infectious disease to ensure the blood is safe to transfuse to a patient who needs it. 


Why can’t I call the lab to get my lab results?

Due to the HIPAA law(s), test results can only be given to you by your physician, nurse, or by formal request from Health Information Management (HIM). HIM can reached at 816-691-1587.

Why am I woken up in the middle of the night to have my blood drawn?

The answer is two-fold. To ensure that all patients in the entire hospital are being drawn in a timely fashion, we must begin our phlebotomy draws shortly after midnight. Our goal is to make sure that all patients have their laboratory results completed by the time the doctor visits his or her patients each morning. This allows our patients to receive treatment sooner and hopefully go home earlier.

What do my laboratory results mean?

You can access lab results and learn more information about lab tests on our patient portal, My Health.

Scheduling an Outpatient Visit

The North Kansas City Hospital Main Laboratory operates 24/7 and accepts walk-ins. It is located on the 2nd Floor hospital, near the Emergency Room.

The Pavilion Lab operates from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. and is located on 1st Floor Pavilion.

Schedule an Appointment

Need to make an appointment for a Lab visit? Call Outpatient Scheduling at 816.691.5267


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