Nephrology (Kidney Care)

The kidneys keep a low profile in our bodies, but when they don’t function properly they have a big impact on our overall health.

Nephrology is a branch of medicine that deals with the function and care of the kidneys—the two small but very important organs that perform a number of critical functions, including:

  • Filtering the blood and removing waste from the body as urine
  • Balancing fluid content in the body
  • Producing hormones and enzymes that make red blood cells and help control blood pressure
  • Activating vitamin D to help keep bones healthy

Specialized Care for Kidney Disease

North Kansas City Hospital has provided specialized kidney disease services to the Northland since 1974. Our affiliated board-certified nephrologists and nurse practitioners offer a range of inpatient and outpatient services with emphasis on preventing the progression of kidney disease. We work closely with your primary care physician to make sure you get the comprehensive care and education you need to manage your condition.

Our Kidney Care Services

  • Kidney disease screening and diagnosis
  • Dialysis – through the Dialysis Center on 11thfloor
  • Lithotripsy – use of sound waves to break up kidney stones
  • Surgery, including minimally invasive procedures
    • Nephrectomy (partial or radical) – removal of part or all of a kidney
    • Nephroureterectomy – removal of a kidney and the ureter
    • Pyeloplasty – to clear obstruction from a portion of the kidney to the bladder
    • Renal cyst decortication – removal of cancerous and noncancerous areas of the kidney
  • Diabetes care

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  • Nephrology (Kidney Care)