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Employer Wellness Outlook for 2019

Michelle Lane

Michelle Lane, Sr. Director
Community & Corporate Health

With nearly 20 years of healthcare experience, Michelle Lane has a unique perspective about corporate health and wellness, allowing her to anticipate the needs of patients, employers and the community at large.

Employer wellness programs have shifted their focus from blanketed reporting on wellness metrics to an emphasis on a holistic approach to employee wellbeing. The reason? Many employers recognize that employee wellness encompasses more than the absence of disease. With mental wellness taking a front seat, employer wellness programs are adopting more dynamic approaches.

Personalized Support

We’ll see an increase in on-site, face-to-face wellness coaching that helps employees become their most productive and happiest selves. By providing this level of personal support, employees are likely to consider more than fruits and Fitbit data when evaluating their wellness.

Flexible Scheduling

Stress relief has become a driving factor in the increase of flexible work schedules. This has employers reconfiguring job parameters to include flexible work hours and work-from-home options to help employees better juggle family, social and financial commitments.

An added benefit: In addition to promoting stress relief, reports show that employees with flexible work options are more engaged with their jobs, which reduces absenteeism and stabilizes turnover.

Creating Healthier Work Environments

By 2020, a 25% increase in on-site health clinics is expected in companies with more than 5,000 employees. This is on top of the 50% who already took the leap. Employers are also introducing activities such as service projects and cooking and nutrition demonstrations to support wellness.

The NKCH Employer Wellness Solution

NKCH Wellness, a customizable employee wellness program, is part of North Kansas City Hospital’s Occupational Health and Employer Wellness Department. The department manages work-related injuries and illnesses for over 3,000 local employers.

Employers can leverage NKCH’s experience and expertise to create an employee health program that can help decrease absenteeism, increase productivity and better-manage healthcare costs.

Wellness Pays

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