Health Screenings

Health screenings are the perfect starting point for companies looking to decrease their health plan costs. They help determine a person's risk level for developing certain preventable medical conditions. 

Screenings establish an accurate baseline for individual employees and your workforce as a whole. With this information, you can customize a wellness plan that prioritizes your employees' health needs.

Our healthcare professionals conduct on-site health screenings that include:

  • Biometric screenings provide measurements and instant results including:
    • Cholesterol & Glucose test with readings on Total Cholesterol (TC), HDL Cholesterol, LDL Cholesterol, TC/HDL Ratio, and Triglycerides
    • Blood Pressure
    • Height/Weight/Body Mass Index (BMI)
    • Waist Circumference
    • 1:1 results counseling with a register nurse
  • Blood pressure clinics include BP logs and 1:1 nurse counseling
  • Instant Hemoglobin A1C results with 1:1 nurse counseling
  • TB Screenings
  • One-on one health coaching sessions
  • Health Risk Assessments

Meet The Team

Tyann Hamedi, MD

Tyann Hamedi, MD
Wellness Program Medical Director

Michelle Lane

Michelle Lane, RN, MSN, NE-BC
Sr. Director Community & Corporate Health

Tina Wilson

Tina Wilson, RN, COHN-S
Occupational Health & Wellness Nurse

Crickett Koller

Crickett Koller
Employer Health Representative

Casey Quintanilla

Casey Quintanilla
Employer Health Representative

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