Patient Stories

At North Kansas City Hospital, we pride ourselves on the quality of our orthopedic care. When patients voice their opinions, we listen. Here's what some of our patients have to say about the care they received.

1 Doctor, 2 Hips

"After my first surgery, it seemed like it took a long time before I felt I was right." Kathryn's first hip replacement was invasive and took several weeks to heal. Her second surgery couldn't have been more different. Five months after the ASI procedure, Kathryn walked a 10K marathon. Read Kathryn's Story

Spinal Surgery With Quick Recovery

"I tried these different methods for three years just to see if there were other options besides surgery. During that time, the pain horribly impacted my life." Spinal surgery allowed Kassie to return to her active lifestyle. Read Kassie's Story

Returning to the Gym

"I can live a normal life and be active as a PE teacher, coach and father." At age 36, Melvin faced a life-altering health problem more common for a 70- or 80-year old man. When knee replacement was not an ideal solution, Melvin opted for a cartilage transplant. Read Melvin's Story

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