Total Joint Replacement
Pre-Surgery Conditioning

When knee or hip pain becomes so severe that it affects your quality of life, your doctor may suggest total joint replacement surgery. Joint replacement surgery can relieve your pain, improve how your joint works and get you back to your regular routine.

If you’re considering surgery, losing extra weight and strengthening your arm and leg muscles beforehand can positively impact your recovery and quality of life after surgery.

“This program has changed the way I think about this hospital, and the way I feel moving forward with my total joint replacement. I think this program has huge value and has given me insight and reduced my anxiety around my operation.”

Get a Head Start, our six-week, 12-session, pre-surgery conditioning class can help you:

  • Strengthen, tone and stretch the muscles around the joint
  • Increase your flexibility, stamina and range of motion
  • Shorten your post-surgery hospital stay
  • Return home after surgery vs. an in-patient rehabilitation facility
  • Get you back to enjoying life sooner

The class meets two days each week and includes:

  • Low-impact strength building exercises (land and water)
  • Sessions on goal setting, food logging, basic nutrition, and other healthy lifestyle and surgery-related topics
  • A preview of NKCH rehabilitation options available after surgery

By participating in all 12 sessions, you’ll get your body into the best possible physical condition for the therapy that’s required after surgery. Plus, you’ll
be part of a unique group of people who can offer support and advice along the way.

Get a Head Start

Get your body into the best possible condition before surgery.

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Conditioning Options

Whether you are six months, six weeks or six days from surgery, pre-surgery conditioning can help.

chart showing different paths to joint replacement