PathologyPathology is the study and diagnosis of disease by examining organs, tissues, bodily fluids and whole bodies (in an autopsy). Pathologists are doctors who are problem solvers. They help diagnose disease by performing and interpreting medical laboratory tests, working closely with other doctors to determine the best course of treatment for patients based on their discoveries.

Problem Solving for Accurate Diagnosis

At North Kansas City Hospital pathology plays an important role in your healthcare. Our highly trained pathologists work with other doctors on your medical team to make sure you get a prompt, accurate diagnosis and the best treatment plan for your condition. With expertise in biomedical science and access to sophisticated laboratory tests and tools, the pathology team at North Kansas City Hospital is on your case, helping ensure you get the best medical care possible.

Professional Oversight for Clinical Testing

Our pathologists serve a number of roles at the Hospital, including serving as medical directors of the Hospital laboratory as required by federal and state certification standards. In this role, pathologists provide professional oversight for the entire laboratory and work with laboratory management to monitor appropriate test methodology, instrumentation, reagents, standards and controls. In addition, they oversee the quality assurance and quality control procedures, define and monitor the application of “critical values” and work to prevent the overuse and improper application of tests. Pathologists are available to consult with clinicians and laboratory staff around the clock, 365 days of the year to ensure patients receive the most effective treatment when it is needed.

Advanced Pathology for Specialized Needs

The pathologists at North Kansas City Hospital have been trained by highly acclaimed residency and fellowship programs across the country and include the region's only board-certified molecular genetic pathologist who specializes in molecular testing—valuable expertise in determining the most appropriate treatment for certain types of cancer. Other pathologists specialize in dermatology, gastroenterology, hematology and women’s health, among others.


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