Swinging Through Surgery

swinging-thru-surgeryWhen your little one needs surgery, you may experience a range of emotions. You may be excited for your child to feel better while feeling anxious and unsure about what to expect. We want you and your child to have the best possible experience before, during and after surgery.

We put together some general instructions to help you prepare your child for surgery. By following these instructions, along with any instructions from your child's surgeon, you can help make everything go well.

The Night Before Surgery

  • Keep your child from eating or drinking anything after midnight.
  • Help your child take a bath using antibacterial soap.
  • Help your child choose comfortable, loose fitting clothing. Don't forget an extra pair of undies.
  • Have your child pack a favorite stuffed animal or blanket to bring to the hospital.

Bring whatever helps your child feel comfortable and secure, including:

  • A favorite stuffed animal or blanket
  • Socks (sometimes the floor of the hospital is cold!)
  • A bottle with formula or a sippy cup, if needed

The Day of Surgery


Our Swinging Through Surgery program is designed to help put your child at ease on the day of surgery. After you check-in, we'll call you and your child to the surgery prep area where your child will:

  • Choose a stuffed surgery buddy (panda, monkey, tiger or elephant).
  • Change into a brightly colored, comfortable hospital gown.
  • Watch television while you meet the anesthesiologist and speak with your child's doctor.

When it's time for surgery, your child drives a safari jeep into the surgery area.

After Surgery

  • Your surgeon will talk with you about your child’s procedure and the next steps.
  • We will monitor your child's condition and recovery.
  • We'll direct you to a recovery room to see your child.
  • When it’s time to go home, we'll provide discharge information, including after-surgery care.

Scheduled for Surgery?

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