North Kansas City Hospital is pleased to provide Dartfish technology to the Northland. This state-of-the-art video analysis software used by athletes and broadcasters around the world is an effective training and rehabilitation tool for athletes and non-athletes alike.

Advanced Technology for Improved Performance

The sports rehab physical therapists at North Kansas City Hospital are specially trained to use Dartfish for individualized assessments to help our clients and patients with their rehab and sports performance goals.


What is Dartfish?

Dartfish is a powerful video analysis software tool that allows for video breakdown and analysis of movement. The digital video footage can be used in many ways including the evaluation of movement patterns to help diagnose problems, improve sports performance and/or monitor training progress. It allows therapists to record an individual in action, break down the movements and replay them for the athlete to see. Comparing movements, perhaps the technique of an amateur pitcher with that of a professional athlete, helps patients visualize and correct how they are moving to increase strength and reduce the risk of re-injury.

Dartfish Training Solutions

Dartfish was the first training tool to provide powerful visual analysis capabilities to coaches, athletes, teachers, students, sport doctors and physiotherapists. Among its many applications, Dartfish can be used by athletes, trainers and therapists to:

  • Highlight techniques and movements by selecting key moments on the video using instant replay and slow motion.
  • Compare techniques and movements with reference clips, using drawing and measurement tools
  • Provide a real understanding of corrections and adjustments needed, which can help speed rehab. “Seeing is believing.”

With this information, we can help you improve your performance and reach your personal performance goals.

Benefits of Dartfish

Communication: Instant and automatic visual feedback during the workout means a shared perspective and improved communication between therapists and clients.

Analysis: A complete set of video analysis tools that include SimulCam™ and StroMotion™ make visible what was invisible before. Thanks to these exclusive tools, physical therapists can make powerful technical, tactical and statistical analyses.

Sharing: The video management system allows coaches, athletes, teachers, sport doctors and physiotherapists to easily share their expertise (enhanced clips and analysis details) with others on CD/DVD, via Internet or email.

Let us show you how Dartfish can help with your athletic and rehab goals.

Learn more about performance enhancement services, including our Golf Enhancement program, available through our Sports Rehabilitation program.


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