Golf Enhancement Program

The Golf Enhancement program at North Kansas City Hospital helps recreational and professional golfers improve their golf game with the professional assistance of our Rehab Services Department.

Dartfish Technology for Golfers

Our sports rehab staff use state-of-the-art Dartfish video analysis technology to help analyze your golf swing and will also:

  • Educate you about any movement dysfunctions and swing faults
  • Illustrate how increased flexibility can improve your swing mechanics
  • Demonstrate how exercise can improve your golf swing and your game
  • Evaluate your golf swing biomechanics

Using Dartfish, we can compare your past and current performance and contrast it with that of an expert golfer by overlaying images. Our therapists review the videos and make suggestions for improving performance and preventing injury. Learn more about Dartfish.

4-week training program outline

8-week training program outline

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For more information on the Golf Enhancement program at North Kansas City Hospital, call 816-691-1795.