Transition Program

North Kansas City Hospital's transition program is a partnership between the Hospital's Rehab Services Department and the personal trainers in the hospital's Fitness Center. The transition program offers patients, who've recently completed physical or occupational therapy, continued fitness motivation. Often times, someone will complete their prescribed outpatient therapy, but wish to remain active under the supervision of a professional.

The program is ideal for individuals who:

  • limited by insurance visits
  • need additional supervision with exercise programs
  • will benefit from more motivation and structure

Collaborative Effort

The transition program is a cost-effective way for people to continue exercising after being release from therapy at North Kansas City Hospital. People benefit from the expertise and assistance of a personal trainer who has talked with the therapist. The program is ideal for people limited by insurance visits or who need additional supervision with their home exercise program after being discharged from therapy.


The program is a great opportunity to help people with strength, balance, speed agility and most importantly, confidence to enjoy a better quality of life. The close proximity between therapist and trainer improves communication about medical history, exercise status, precautions and recommendations and helps make a smooth transition.

Contact Us

Start living life more fully by participating in the hospital's transition exercise program. It's open to all physical and occupational therapy patients who received outpatient therapy at North Kansas City Hospital. Call 816-691-1795 if you would like additional information.  

Patient Story

Transition Program

Diana improved her strength and balance and returned to work thanks to the transition program. Read more.