Supportive Care FAQs

How do I know if I qualify for supportive care?

Supportive care is available for patients with chronic or progressive conditions such as cancer; dementia; heart, lung, liver and kidney disease; Parkinson’s disease and stroke. We can help you manage your pain, control other symptoms and coordinate your care.

How do I get supportive care?

If you have a poorly-controlled symptoms, frequent emergency room visits or hospital admissions, or need help understanding your condition and treatment options, ask your doctor or nurse to talk with a supportive care staff member.

Who provides supportive care?

Our Supportive Care team includes a doctor, nurses, social workers and a chaplain. They partner with your primary care doctor to make sure you get the level of care and services that meet your needs.

Does insurance cover supportive care services?

Medicare, Medicaid and most insurance plans cover the supportive care you receive in the hospital.

What other support services are available?

At North Kansas City Hospital, you have access to a complete range of additional services if you need them, including:

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