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Issues involving intimacy or sexuality are something women rarely discuss with each other or their physicians, yet more than 40% of women will experience some form of interruption to their sexual health at some point in their life. This interruption can be the result of medication, a medical condition or surgery, a birth or other life event, depression, fatigue or any number of factors. But, its impact is enough to cause interruption in your life and the enjoyment of your relationships.

Unfortunately there is a misconception that these problems are only imagined, that they are an inevitable process of aging or they are just an excuse to no longer participate in sexual activity. However, they are real – very real. So are the treatments and therapies that are available to address these issues.

Center for Sexual Wellness

There is a good chance your problem is fairly common and an equally good chance that it can be treated or alleviated. At the Center for Sexual Wellness, our goal is to help you attain the wonderful feeling about yourself and your relationship that comes with having a satisfying sex life.