Mammograms save lives

Baseline Mammogram

Your first screening mammogram, or baseline mammogram, establishes a reference point your healthcare provider can use to evaluate any changes in your breasts each year. Most women get their baseline mammogram when they turn 40.

If you are at a higher risk for breast cancer, it may be necessary to get your first screening earlier. Your healthcare provider can help you decide the best time to get your first mammogram.

Annual Mammograms

Annual mammograms are important because they alert you and your healthcare provider to any lumps or changes that may need further testing, including lumps that are too small to feel when you perform your monthly breast self-exam for breast awareness. 


The benefits of a yearly mammogram outweigh the risks. Yet, you should be aware that mammograms:

  • Aren’t always accurate, creating the possibility of false-negative or false-positive results
  • Can be difficult to interpret in women under 40
  • Can't detect all cancers
  • Expose you to low-dose radiation
  • May lead to additional testing if the findings are abnormal

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