Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Neonatal Intensive Care UnitSometimes, newborns need close monitoring for a short time. We have the only Level III NICU in the Northland. Our specially trained staff cares for babies born as early as 30 weeks or who need intensive care. We partner with Children’s Mercy Hospital, which means neonatologists are on-call and neonatal nurse practitioners are on-site 24/7. They are personally involved in your baby’s care.

Our NICU rooms offer:

  • Breast pumps with a setting for premature babies
  • Fold-out sleeper chair
  • Lactation consultants
  • Low lighting and decreased noise levels
  • Parent Care Unit (PCU) to help you learn how to care for your little one at home
  • Private rooms and twin rooms

When your baby is in the NICU, it can be a stressful and scary time. Your nurses can give you information about support groups and connect you with a member of our Spiritual Care team, if requested.

Family Support Network

For parents with a baby in a NICU, the experience can be frightening, confusing and overwhelming. That’s why NKCH joined the NICU Family Support® network through March of Dimes. Network members provide information and comfort to families coping with this experience. Guided by former NICU families, the program was built on a family-centered philosophy. It addresses the needs of parents, siblings, grandparents and extended family during an baby’s hospitalization and transition home.

Visitors Guidelines

  • All visitors must check in at the reception desk.
  • To prevent overstimulating your baby, we only allow up to four visitors in the room. One visitor must be the baby’s parent or legal guardian and all visitors, other than siblings, must be 16 years old.
  • NICU staff may ask visitors to wear masks, gloves and/or gowns while visiting.