Safe and Secure

SafetyThe hours after the arrival of your little one should be spent with your family bonding with your baby, not thinking about safety. We do everything we can to make sure you and your baby are safe and comfortable.

Our Mother/Baby unit is secure 24/7. We place matching ID bands on you, your baby and the support person of your choice. The baby also wears a security band until he or she is discharged. An alarm sounds if the band loses contact with the skin, is removed, or if your baby gets too close to an exit door elevator. 


We understand the excitement a new baby brings to family and friends. All visitors must sign in and receive a sticker before we grant them access to the Labor & Delivery or Mother/Baby areas.

Modified Visitation Policy

We follow Children’s Mercy Hospital's visitor policy recommendations during flu season so your baby’s developing immune system stays as healthy as possible. Your nurse will let you know if the modified policy is in effect. When necessary, please inform friends and family members of the policy before they come for a visit.