Car Seat Safety

Car Seat Safety

Child safety seats keep babies, toddlers and young children safe when they travel by car. Car seats can greatly reduce the risk of a possibly fatal injury in the event of an accident.

All 50 states require babies and small children to be restrained when in a vehicle. 

Install a car seat in the vehicle you plan to bring to the hospital by the start of your eighth month.

Refer to National Highway and Traffic Safety recommendations. Make sure you installed the car seat correctly by
visiting a car seat safety inspection station.

How to Choose a Car Seat

If you use a second-hand car seat, remember:

  • Check the seat’s label for the manufacture and expiration dates. Car seats do expire, which can compromise your baby’s safety. If you can’t verify a date or model number, don’t use the seat.
  • Do not use a seat that is more than five years old or if you can’t verify its full history.
  • Do not use a seat that has been in a car accident.
  • Car seats come with manufacturer instructions for use and installation. If it doesn’t, contact the manufacturer. If you can’t get instructions, do not use the seat.
  • Do not use a seat that has cracks in the seat frame or base, or if it is missing parts.